A Comparison of Top Brand Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

compare apples to oranges

If you’re in the market for a ductless mini split air conditioning system, you need to do your homework in order to determine the top brands and which one would be best suited for your home or business.

First and foremost, finding a reliable and qualified contractor such as Gagne Heating & AC is top priority.

After you have contacted the contractor, it’s time to compare the brands for type, size, efficiency, application and brand.

Leading Ductless AC System Brands

A quick disclaimer, there are a whole lot of options out there when it comes to ductless AC – so it is impossible to cover them all in one post. Instead, we chose to highlight a few of the most popular and our personal favorites based on performance, reliability and price.

As an industry leader in residential and commercial HVAC in America, Carrier has an impressive reputation for high quality heating and cooling products, including ductless solutions. Their high-efficiency ductless mini-split systems can fit your needs without compromising the integrity of the space or comfort.

Besides Carrier, here are our top picks for other brands based on rankings in certain areas:

  • Quietest indoor – There was a tie between Mitsubishi and Fujitsu at 22 decibels (dB) and LG running a close second at 24 dB.
  • Quietest outdoor – LG at 45 dB.
  • Smallest outdoor dispenser– Fujitsu (26 x 21.25 x 11.5 in)
  • Smallest indoor wall mount air handler– Daikin (31 x 11.5 x 8 in)
  • Lowest mini split price – LG is the winner
  • Widest operating weather condition – Mitsubishi as low as -15 in heating mode
  • Highest efficiency ranking – Daikin with 12.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)
  • Highest efficiency cooling– Tied between Daikin and Mitsubishi (23 SEER), but LG and Fujitsu are barely off the mark.
  • Best all around – The trophy goes to between Mitsubishi and Both ductless systems have amazing cooling efficiencies (23 SEER), while Daikin has better heating efficiency (12.5 HSPF) at a lower price. Mitsubishi is quieter indoors and has a wider operating range down to -15 F.

The best way to make a decision between Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin and other brands is to consider the climate and how much it will be in use. Ask yourself if you live in more of a hot or cold place.

If you live in a mostly hot, humid climate like we have in the Southeast, you might consider a brand like Carrier or Daikin. If you live in a region that is cold for much of the year, consider a Mitsubishi ductless system for it’s wide operating capability.

You can’t go wrong with these brands, as long as they are installed correctly. Contact a Carrier specialist at Gagne to get a quote for ductless AC installation or HVAC repairs.