What Is Air Balancing, and Why Is It Critical for My Business?

We offer many essential commercial HVAC services near Atlanta, GA, one of which addresses an element of climate control and ventilation in a facility that often gets overlooked — air balancing. Our technicians frequently find the source of issues like high and low humidity, cold and hot spots in the building, and stuffy air can stem from poor air balance and negative air pressure. But fret not — our commercial air balancing services can get you squared away!

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a process that HVAC technicians perform to ensure that both the air conditioner and heater for a building deliver the desired (or necessary) air and air pressure to rooms and spaces in the building. To perform air balancing, professionals assess airflow from various registers in the facility and check on the system’s overall pressure using manometers. They also check on heat levels in rooms and use sophisticated equipment to inspect humidity levels. These tests will let our professionals know what problems your building has with air balance, and what we can do to remedy them.

The Importance of Air Balancing

An HVAC system is so much more than the heat and cold air it can provide. It may be easy for business owners to assume that air sent around their building is adequate and that stuffy, dry, or cold conditions are just a fault with the heater or the air conditioner. But, poor air balance throws off the entire system’s efficiency. Think of it this way; you’re playing guitar, but the guitar strap doesn’t sit right. Instead of adjusting the strap to a comfortable length, (the equivalent of a technician performing air balancing), you spend money on a brand new instrument — only to realize that you still have a guitar that seems to droop too low.

Problems you could encounter because of poor air balancing include swings in humidity levels, condensation on equipment, exhaust products gathering in rooms due to air pressure issues, and general discomfort among employees, clients, or guests in your building.

What Causes Poor Air Balance?

There are lots of potential sources for poor air balancing, which is why you need an experienced commercial HVAC technician to track down the issues and fix them. Let’s take a look:

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