Whole House Humidifiers: An Answer to Low House Humidity

Winter can be a beast. Not only is it more than a little chilly outside, but even inside you might be warm but feeling a little less than comfortable. Turning up the heat in our homes can have the indirect consequence of drying out the air, especially when outside temperatures remain below forty degrees for extended periods of time. The resulting low humidity can have a variety of effects on our bodies, including:

  • Stuffy Noses
  • Headaches
  • Dry Skin
  • Nosebleeds
  • Increased respiratory illness.

And our bodies aren’t the only things in our homes that might suffer. Long periods of low humidity in your home can also affect the woodwork in your home:

  • Gaps in molding
  • Separating floorboards
  • Loose Furniture Joints
  • Wood tables or furniture that crack

Obviously, a humidifier is in order. But what if every room needs extra humidity? Are you supposed to carry your one humidifier between rooms? How many humidifiers can you own in one house before it starts to seem excessive?

The simple answer is that you only need one humidifier to meet all the needs of your household: a whole house humidifier. Whole house humidifiers work by tying into your home’s forced air duct system. They’re installed directly into the duct system and also into your water line. The humidifier then emits humidity through the duct system.

Because they have water supply lines, you don’t have to refill whole house humidifiers – they do that themselves. You also don’t have to worry about mold growth and stagnation like you do with room humidifiers. That’s because whole house humidifiers utilize flow-through systems to circulate water and prevent stagnation.

Once they’re installed, these humidifiers require little maintenance besides a seasonal filter change. If you’re interested in a whole house humidifier, you should call a Gagne representative. We can give you estimates on unit price and installation, but we can also share with you exactly where you want to set the humidity for your house. While you might be tempted to make your house feel tropical with humidity, any Georgia summer dweller will have to remember the flipside dangers of humidity, from mold growth to damage from condensation.

Don’t continue to suffer the effects of low humidity when a simple, relatively cost effective solution is close at hand. Gagne Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you find solutions not just to humidity, but to all your heating and cooling needs.