What Makes Carrier a Superior Brand in AC Equipment?

With so many different brands out there, choosing an air conditioner can be overwhelming for homeowners and businesses. How do you decide on the right one?

One solution is sticking with a name that’s been around for a while and is known for high-quality, American-made products, like Carrier. Carrier stands apart from the other AC manufacturers in a number of ways, including tradition, quality and innovation. Let’s find out why…

Courtesy of Carrier

Over a Century of Tradition

The history of Carrier began on a foggy Pittsburgh train platform in 1902, on the day American inventor Willis H. Carrier, known as the “Father of Air Conditioning,” was struck with the idea for what would become the world’s first modern air conditioning system.

Gazing through the mist while waiting for the train, Carrier realized that he could dry air by passing it through water to generate fog, which would allow him to manufacture air with specific amounts of moisture in it. Before year’s end, Carrier had turned his idea into an invention to control humidity—the foundation of modern air conditioning.

In 1915, Carrier founded Carrier Engineering Corporation.

Distinctions in Quality

Since the early days, one of the characteristics that have made the Carrier brand stand apart from other AC manufacturers is their consistency in producing high-quality, long-lasting machines. Over the years, their name has become synonymous with the durability and hardiness one should expect from American-made products.

In many ways, Carrier sets the standard for the HVAC industry in quality, performance, ethical business practices and customer care. In fact, these very principles are the core values of the company. According to Carrier: “They define who we are and guide every decision we make.”

Innovation at Work

The same proud heritage that makes Carrier an institution of modern air conditioning also drives them to create the next innovative idea by investing heavily in research and development of new technologies and intelligent systems.

Inventing a range of more energy efficient AC models, endorsed with the government-backed Energy Star logo, is one way Carrier has helped push the industry forward. Air conditioning and heating accounts for nearly half of a home’s total energy costs, so reducing the amount of energy consumed by their AC units is a top-priority for Carrier. Plus, from an environmental perspective, sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is essential to their core value of responsibility by leaving a healthy world for future generations.

While we here at Gagne will install and repair any air conditioning brand, we specialize in Carrier AC products precisely because of their exceptional reputation for quality, as well as the innovator’s spirit laid down by their founder more than a hundred years ago.

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