Why Does My Air Conditioner Turn Off By Itself?

homeowner turning on mini split ac

It’s about that time of the year here in the Greater Metro Atlanta area when we start relying on our air conditioners to stay cool through the hot spring days. As you put your air conditioner to work for the first time this year, you might notice your system suddenly has a mind of its own, turning on and off frequently without cooling your home properly. What gives? 

Short Cycling: What Is It? 

An air conditioner that turns on and off too frequently is referred to as “short cycling” in the HVAC industry. When this happens, know that it may make your bills more expensive than they already are without providing the comfort you and your family deserve. 

The Cause of Short Cycling

Ultimately, there are several factors that may lead to this issue. One common cause is having air filters that are not cleaned regularly. The obstruction of built up particles and contaminants will lead to short-cycling. With that said, make sure you don’t skip scheduled maintenance visits  

Additionally, installing the incorrect unit size — that is to say, there is not enough space allotted for the air conditioning system based on the ductwork — will also cause your system to short cycle. An oversized unit leads to uneven air distribution, which causes uneven cooling and heating throughout the home. As a result, your air conditioner will turn on and off in an attempt to reach the set temperature.

Airflow Allowance

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit turning off too soon, consider the following airflow issues: 

Get Air Conditioner Maintenance

To keep yourself and your family comfortable, make sure that you rely on a trusted air conditioner contractor like us for all of your maintenance and repair needs in the Greater Metro Atlanta area. Besides addressing any of the issues above, our professional technicians can take care of low refrigerant levels, condensate line clogs, and much more. We also have dedicated heating contractors in case you run into any issues with your furnace. Contact us today for more information!