Annual Home DIY Maintenance Checklist: 17 Things Smart Homeowners Do Each Year

yearly checklist for homeowners


As you know, taking care of a home is a huge responsibility. Being proactive in your home’s maintenance, can save you a lot of frustration, time and money down the road.

Below is an extensive list of items that every homeowner should check at least once a year:

Clean out your dryer vent duct. This vent can get clogged and cause the dryer to work harder, which can increase your utility bill and become a possible fire hazard.

Check your ductwork connections. By inspecting AC ductwork, you can help avoid leaks that will can cause your home’s heated and cooled air to go right out the window.

Drain your hot water heater. Over time, sediment gradually builds up at the bottom of your hot water tank and can cause corrosion. Periodically draining it will keep it cleaner and running more efficiently for longer.

Check your air conditioning system and heater. At least once a year, make sure your home’s heating and cooling system is in tip-top shape by scheduling professional seasonal maintenance with a reputable local AC repair company.

Review your homeowners insurance policy. Dig out your insurance policy and review the deductibles section to make sure you have enough coverage for your items in your home.

Update your home inventory. Being aware of what you own is crucial to making sure you are properly covered in insurance.

Clean your gutters. Throughout the year, leaves and other debris can build up and cause a blockage in your gutters. Avoid potential damage to your home by clearing out the gutters to ensure they drain properly.

Inspect your roof. A home’s roof typically receives the most damage during a storm. It should be checked for signs of damage at least once a year.

Look for water damage. Be proactive by checking for any leaks, damaged caulking and bubbling paint on the drywall.

Check your foundation. According to Steve Wadlington, president of WIN Home Inspection and Reader’s Digest: “A failing foundation can be the biggest and most costly problem. Look indoors for the warning signs, including gaps and cracks in hardwood floors, or cracks at the corners of door jambs and window frames.”

Clean your garage. Unfortunately, garages can become so cluttered that you can’t even fit the car in it. Organize and throw away unnecessary items. Consider hosting a garage sale to get rid of the junk and make a few extra bucks while you’re at it.

Monitor trees and landscaping. Check for dying and damaged trees. These can pose a danger to your home if they fall. Getting rid of a dead tree early can save a lot of heartache later. Also, be sure to clear plants and branches away from your outdoor AC unit.

Look for gaps in your windows. A lot of wasted energy goes out the windows when there are cracks in them or they aren’t properly sealed. Make sure windows can lock shut and seal any leaks.

Check steps, decks and porches. Doing so can help prevent a serious injury. Check for rot and any type of structural damage that may indicate that it’s time for a replacement.

Clean out your pantry and fridge. It’s amazing how many expired products can end up in a pantry or refrigerator. Canned goods, spices and boxes of food should be thrown out after the expiration date to avoid food poisoning and clear out some space.

Check medications and personal products. Purge these products by checking for all expiration dates. This includes items such as makeup and personal hygiene.

Check pipes and sewage outflow. Sewage pipes can burst and ruin yards (not to mention offend your nostrils). Finding a blockage before it becomes an explosion can save a lot of expense.

Whether you prefer to check all seventeen of these items off your list in one fell swoop or tackle one or two each month, competing this list will enable to stay on top of so many problems that commonly plague other homeowners.

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